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Curbed Cup first round: (7) Quincy Center vs. (10) Alewife

Rumble on the Red Line

Quincy Center

Brian Cribb/Flickr

The 169-unit West of Chestnut apartment complex held its official opening in mid-October. The milestone came as lead developer Gate Residential announced that 70 percent of the apartments had already been leased.

West of Chestnut is supposed to be just the beginning of a transformative development in Quincy Center that could add hundreds more apartments and thousands of square feet of retail—all conveniently located near a Red Line stop.

As the Globe asked in February, “Is it (finally) Quincy Center’s time to shine?” We’ll see.


Frank Hebbert/Flickr

The Cambridge area around the northern terminus of the Red Line saw additional development and development proposals this year. That development included an AC Hotel, part of a Marriott brand aimed at the hipper business travelers among us, and dozens of apartments—which Cambridge as a whole desperately needs.

Want to know how new Green Line stations might affect Somerville? Look at how the Red Line stop continues to affect Alewife.