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Curbed Cup first round: (2) Upper Dorchester vs. (15) Andrew Square

Battle of Dot, Southie proxies

Upper Dorchester

Matthew in Boston/Flickr

The northern reaches of Boston’s largest neighborhood by area had a particularly busy 2016. First, major developments moved forward, including the 362-unit and possibly 10-building Dot Block and the 475-unit, 10-acre expansion of the South Bay center (including a 130-room hotel).

Then there were any number of big-time residential sales in Savin Hill, Fields Corner, Jones Hill, Meeting House Hill, and Uphams Corner (a.k.a. Upper Dorchester, for lack of a better moniker)—all of them involving achingly gorgeous properties.

Andrew Square

South Boston Online

Yes, the city in August signed off on the massive Washington Village development in Southie’s Andrew Square—nearly five acres of 656 apartments and condos; 98,600 square feet of retail, including (hopefully) a grocery store; and 42,500 square feet of open space as well as new streets, walkways, and plazas.

But! Such development could be just the tip of the proverbial iceberg for the area. The city is looking at a rezoning that could add as many as 8,000 housing units just north of Andrew Square over the next two decades. Stay tuned.