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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (1) Assembly Row vs. (8) Fenway

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Potential upset?

Assembly Row

Assembly Row saw some epic prices this year (and sales) as well as fresh development such as the Alloy condos (and plans for tons more). The Somerville neighborhood also continued to draw shoppers, tenants, and buyers to an area that only a few short years ago had little going for it—a truly transformative project for the region.


Few neighborhoods in the Boston region have seen as much new development recently as Fenway. The neighborhood this year saw major advancements in major projects such as Pierce Boston and 1350 Boylston Street. Proposals for other big developments, including the five-building Fenway Center and the 340-foot 2 Charlesgate West, also appeared to advance in 2016 (though shovels have yet to hit ground).