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Curbed Cup Elite Eight: (5) Fort Point vs. (4) Downtown Crossing

Development-heavy areas

Fort Point

It’s impossible to talk about Fort Point in 2016 without mentioning the General Electric headquarters approved for the enclave. The 2.4-acre campus will include so-called "maker space" for employees, tech startups, students (both university and high school), and locals; ample laboratories; and an employee cafeteria.

The year also brought a proposal for what could be Fort Point’s tallest building: an approximately 200-unit apartment house of more than 20 stories at 7 Channel Center.

Downtown Crossing

Millennium Tower, New England’s tallest residential building, opened this year, and now the proverbial hourglass turns over: Will the 60-story spire truly change Downtown Crossing once and for all from a 9-to-5 enclave to a 24-7 neighborhood? Will it get any help from Millennium Place nearby, which itself opened only a few years ago? Or from the attendant retail such as Roche Bros.?

Stay tuned. A lot of folks have been asking these questions.