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Mattapan’s 10 most expensive homes top out at $1M-plus

But go below $300,000

The 10 most expensive market-rate homes for sale in Mattapan range from $279,999 to $1,050,000, according to a new analysis from real estate research site NeighborhoodX. See the interactive chart below for more detail.

That $279,999 listing at 43 Middleton Street is a 4-BR, 1.5-BA running to 1,643 square feet (it’s pictured at top). And that $1.05 million 11 Havelock Street is a newly built triple-decker that could also be a single-family.

A final note: As NeighborhoodX’s Constantine Valhouli points out, the increasing popularity of Dorchester has some brokers and sellers listing their properties as in that neighborhood rather than in Mattapan.

Make of that what you will, but we think these 10 fall squarely in Mattapan. Besides, Dot has its own choice options.