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Boston’s most talked-about real estate stories of 2016

According to readers’ comments

Some Curbed Boston articles caught your attention more than others in 2016. Here are the 10 posts during the past 12 months that drew the most comments from readers.

Craig F. Walker/Globe

10) South End's Transformation Continues With Latest Big Project

The development wave that continues to sweep the South End proved irresistible.

9) See a South Boston Victorian Reborn After $220K Renovation

Who doesn’t love a good renovation story?

8) Cambridge Ablaze With Fight Over Lights on Newer Buildings

Nothing gets people talking like Cantabrigians talking.

7) Garden Garage Tower Gets City's O.K. Despite Opposition

Large-scale development is catnip for concerned Bostonians.

6) Dorchester's Dot Block Design Takes Big Step Forward

Anything Dorchester-related = gold.

5) Downtown Boston Project Would Be Bigger Than the Hancock

This development got people particularly excited ...

4) Huge Government Center Garage Project Is Just Getting Started

... As did this one.

3) Current Harbor Garage Project Appears Dead in the Water

Commentary came fast and furious re: one of Boston’s most controversial projects.

2) Old Northern Avenue Bridge Demolition Moving Forward

One of the things that makes the Boston region special is its residents’ concern for the old in the face of the new.

1) Millennium Tower's $37.5M Grand Penthouse Just Sold

The region’s priciest residential deal to date could not help but be the most talked-about real estate story of 2016.