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The pessimist’s guide to Greater Boston real estate in 2017

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Worst-case in the year ahead

We’re generally optimists, but we have a feeling that 2017 is going to be a wildly rough ride for the region, particularly its property markets.

Seismic geopolitical shifts and profound economic changes have the potential to buffet Greater Boston next year. Below is a timeline of the worst-case scenarios (h/t Bloomberg for the inspiration).

And, lest you think some are far-fetched, remember that few in January of this year predicted Donald Trump’s victory or Brexit—or the Cubs winning the World Series, for that matter!

Also, while the events of this timeline are hypothetical, they are grounded in present-day realities.

There really is a debate over the potential shadows of what would be Boston’s second-tallest building; some Cambridge residents have tried to stop 24 market-rate apartments going up in an already dense area; foreign buyers do undergird a sizable portion of Boston’s housing market; our president-elect truly does tweet from the gut.

Anyway, happy new year.