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New apartments going up everywhere in Greater Boston

Rents still likely to stay high

Above is a detailed map of residential projects in the Boston area either under construction, planned, or recently completed.

The map comes courtesy of real estate marketing concern the Collaborative Companies and is drawn from internal data as well as from information from the City of Boston.

The gray bars represent apartment projects. No surprise that such projects seem to dominate the map: The region is in the mist of years-long apartment-building boom that may or may not be slowing.

The next most common type of residential construction is condos (the orange bars) and then condo-rental mixes (the sort of orange-beige bars); and then condos with a hotel component (the black bars).

All totaled, we’re talking 30,000-plus housing units in Boston, Cambridge, and Somerville.

High as that number might seem, it’s probably not nearly enough to bring down prices and rents. The area remains just too darn popular and new development too darn costly, difficult, circumscribed, or some combination of the three.