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Penthouse in Somerville’s Assembly Row on sale for $1.3M

Includes $1,030 condo fee

The 122 units of the Alloy Residences in Somerville’s Assembly Row have disrupted pricing in the city’s condo market this year.

Simply put, the under-construction units are commanding the sorts of prices only gorgeous Davis Square houses (or house-sized condos) used to usually get in Somerville. Indeed, nearly half of the Alloy’s condos had sold by the end of September, some for $1,000-plus a foot.

Now comes Penthouse 205. It’s asking $1,042.36 a square foot—or $1,227,900 total.

The spread runs to 1,178 square feet and has two bedrooms as well as two full bathrooms. We should note, too, that the condo fee is $1,030.

Also, if the penthouse isn’t rich enough for your blood, there’s also a 506-square-foot studio on sale on the Alloy’s seventh floor: It’s asking $1,081.78 a square foot.