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New U.S. 20 sign will point Boston drivers the way to Oregon

Along nation’s longest road

MassDOT on Dec. 8 will install a sign at Commonwealth Avenue and Kenmore Street that tells motorists that Newport, Ore., is only 3,365 miles westward along U.S. 20.

The route is the nation’s longest continuous road (fun fact!), beginning in Boston’s Kenmore Square and ending in that coastal Oregon city.

The inspiration for the sign came from officials in the Beaver State, who have already installed one there that tells drivers that Boston is, yes, 3,365 that-a way. That Newport sign was, in turn, inspired by one between Sacramento and Ocean City, Md.

MassDOT via the Globe

No signs yet to mark the nation’s longest Interstate: I-90 from Logan Airport to Seattle. Get on it, folks.