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Boston average closing prices went up in nearly every neighborhood in 2016

There’s one exception

Above is a formidable data set from real estate marketing concern the Collaborative Companies.

It shows the number of condos sold and for how much in various Boston neighborhoods through the first nine and a half months of 2016 (it also shows the average number of days those units stayed on the market).

Check out the beige column. That shows the change in average closing prices per square foot for the different neighborhoods from 2015 to 2016.

As you can see, that key metric declined in only one neighborhood in the first nine and a half months of 2016: the Seaport District.

But! Given that some pricey Seaport sales could close during the year’s remaining weeks, it’s entirely possible that every Boston neighborhood could end 2016 up price-per-square-foot-wise.