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Boston's Dorm-Building Boom Just Keeps Reverberating

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A little more than two weeks ago, we mapped the major dormitory projects going up, planned, or recently opened around Boston. All total, these dorms are expected to add lodging for well over 4,000 students and possibly quite more, given that some of these units are apartments and not merely long, thin rooms. Such an amount should be sufficient to draw more than enough students out of the general Boston housing pool and hopefully help lower the city's rents. We'll see. For now, it turns out that Boston's dorm boom really is unstoppable, a noisy kid brother to the hotel- and residential-building booms currently echoing.

The University of Massachusetts-Boston laid out plans late last week for a $120,000,000 dormitory complex on its Dorchester campus. The 260,000-square-foot spread at the end of Mount Vernon Street, on what is now a parking lot, would have 1,000 beds, a stonking high amount for Boston. A public-private partnership will build the complex, and a nonprofit firm will manage it. The completion date? Set for 2018.
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