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Quincy Center's West of Chestnut Apartments Start Rolling Out

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The West of Chestnut apartment complex in Quincy Center is one of the more closely watched developments in the Boston area. The 169-unit project is supposed to be the first phase of a much larger—and, for downtown Quincy, potentially transformative—development, one that has stopped and restarted during the past few years, as financial pressures tripped up what the City of Quincy once labeled "the largest and most aggressive urban redevelopment project currently underway in the United States." Whether the 220-unit East of Chestnut phase gets built, along with other parts of the bigger picture, West of Chestnut is here: The complex has opened a marketing office and started pre-leasing.

Studios at West of Chestnut start at $1,825 a month; 1-BRs at $1,942; and 2-BRs at $2,495. Developer Gate Residential, the same folks who brought you Somerville's transit-oriented Maxwell's Green and Fort Point's enigmatic Ten Farnsworth, are deliberately targeting young professionals who might be priced out of Boston proper and not afraid of the nearby Red Line at 8 a.m.

One way to draw such tenants, according to the developer, is through the lower rents themselves. The other is through an amenities package that includes a fitness center, a cross-training studio, a club suite with a lounging media room, a dog-wash room, and an outdoor kitchen, fireplace and courtyard. The whole shebang opens in May.
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