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Beacon Street PH Destined to Be One of 2016's Priciest Sales

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When last we checked in with the 10-room, 4,024-square-foot penthouse at 168 Beacon Street in Back Bay, it had just traded quickly while asking $7,775,000. A gobsmacking amount by any measure, sure, but not too surprising given the 5-BR, 4.5-BA spread's location as well as features such as three(!) deeded parking spaces and a private deck. Did Unit 3 at 168 Beacon command that asking price in the end? Alas, no. The penthouse traded for $7,525,000 in a deal that closed Friday. Still, that total is more than enough to put Unit 3 on course to be among Boston's 10 priciest home sales of 2016. Just look at 2015's for proof.
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