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Boston's Most Expensive Areas for Renting a 1-BR Apartment

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Real estate research site Zumper is out with its latest national rental report, and within it are stats on median 1-BR rents for the Boston area. Not surprisingly, the priciest areas for a 1-BR as of this month run through a swath of downtown Boston, including into Southie and its D Street corridor. Busy, busy Kendall Square in East Cambridge is also rather pricey (click on the map above to enlarge). The median 1-BR rent overall is $2,390 and the median for 2-BRs is $2,660.

Also not surprisingly, the Boston area maintained its third-place spot among the nation's most expensive regions for 1-BR apartments. Check out below. Soon, it would appear, the Bay Area will devour us all.

The data covers active listings as of Feb. 1.
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