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The Boston Area's Oldest Surviving Houses, Mapped

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The Paul Revere House in the North End is among the oldest abodes in the Boston area, dating from nearly a century before the revolution that its most famous resident helped foment. It's one of a small number of such homes dating from before 1690 in Greater Boston and just beyond. The homes, which real estate data site NeighborhoodX recently mapped, are among the oldest structures on the continent made by European settlers. They are positively Elizabethan, even Medieval, in architectural style.

Here were some highlights from NeighborhoodX's map that jumped out at us:

The oldest house in Boston is the James Blake House at 735 Columbia Road in Dorchester. It dates from 1661 and is done in a kind of late English Medieval style.

The Pierce House is the second oldest, dating from around 1683. Ten generations of the Pierce family lived in the Saltbox Colonial now at 24 Oakton Avenue in Dorchester.

Salem, north of Boston, has a cluster of particularly aged homes, including the famed House of Seven Gables dating from 1668.
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