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Old Northern Avenue Bridge Demolition Moving Forward

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It had looked like at one point last month that the city and the state's deal to bring GE to the Seaport District would also save the Old Northern Avenue Bridge between that neighborhood and the Financial District. Then came word that the deteriorating 108-year-old expanse, which has been closed to vehicles since 1997 and pedestrians since 2014, was doomed.
Now we know where the bridge's resting place will be. According to Katheleen Conti at the Globe, the city wants to break down the bridge into pieces and float those bits down the Chelsea River to a storage yard off Eagle Street in East Boston. The city recently filed this plan with the Army Corps of Engineers, which oversees the Old Northern Avenue. Whether eventually those pieces will be retrieved and become part of some grandly re-imagined span still remains to be seen. Stay tuned.
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