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Boston Luxury Condo Sales by Building: the Heritage Leads

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The three condos sold in 2015 in the Heritage on the Garden at 300 Boylston Street averaged $7,397,300, according to real estate marketing firm the Collaborative Companies. That was the highest per-building average among Boston's top luxury addresses in 2015. That's not surprising as the Heritage hosted what is very, very likely the most expensive home sale on record in Boston: the $15,400,000 sale of Unit 1005-1006 in November (some of its 67 feet of Public Garden frontage are pictured above). The Mandarin Oriental notched the second-highest average, with $6,562,500 through four 2015 sales.

The chart spells it out pretty clearly, but a couple more stark takeaways. The Seaport's recently opened Twenty Two Liberty recorded the most sales (99) of any luxury building in 2015. And do note the average days on the market for these mega-listings. Three months was basically an eternity, with most average much quicker listing-to-closing times.
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Mandarin Oriental, Boston

776 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02199