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Somerville Loft Has a Kind of M.C. Escher Vibe Going On

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The design looks random. It's not.

This 1,495-square-foot loft at 1 Fitchburg Street in Somerville's Brickbottom neighborhood has a kind of M.C. Escher vibe going on design-wise. Escher was famed for his mathematically inspired designs that seemed to twist shapes and dimensions in all sorts of directions, almost always strikingly and with a pattern in mind (and for the mind). And so it goes with Unit B350 at 1 Fitchburg, on sale now for $585,000 and including lots of open space as well as storage space; sliding panels; stairs begetting stairs; and multiple levels beneath 12-foot ceilings that provide room for more levels. A tad random, right? Step back, though, and the 2-BR, 1-BA comes together as a perfect live-work loft.