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Boston vs. the Beach: How Home Prices in the Two Locales Stack Up

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Turns out Central Square is more expensive than Nantucket

Earlier this week, we deep-dived into single-family home prices in beach towns near the Boston area. With the help of real estate research site NeighborhoodX, we're taking things a tad further to see how different areas of the Hub compare with different beach communities pricing-wise.

As the above chart shows, Nantucket, the priciest beach town for buying a house in 2015, is actually cheaper than buying in Cambridge's Central Square. Ditto Spring Hill in Somerville vs. Provincetown. Or Jamaica Plain and Somerville's game-change-y Union Square vs. a slew of beach towns, including Cohasset. Click to enlarge and go ahead and daydream about how much further a home-buying dollar might go seaside.