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Boston's Latin Quarter: City Council Wants to Make It Official

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Would run along Centre Street

Boston could soon get an official Latin Quarter. City Councilman Matt O'Malley proposed the idea on Wednesday, suggesting that the area surrounding and including Hyde and Jackson squares in Jamaica Plain be so designated.

Why? Because of the long-time presence and growing population of Latino-Americans and Latinos, particularly along the Centre Street corridor between the two squares. Per Universal Hub: "O'Malley said Latin American immigrants have been moving to the area for 60 years, said 40 percent of the residents along the street speak Spanish in their homes and that 65 percent of the 125 businesses along the street are owned by immigrants."

Right now, an official Latin Quarter for Boston is just a proposal, with the City Council's further action required. Should it take, though, expect a tourism push for the new district as well as possible protections from development deemed intrusive, etc. Stay tuned.