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Inside the New Government Center T Station Before It Reopens

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Government Center Station, one of the T's busiest stops and the only connection between the Green and Blue lines, has been closed for $82,000,000 in renovations since March 2014. It's now slated to reopen next month, according to the MBTA, as an airier, sunnier, more comfortable station (by T standards) that is infinitely more accessible for those with physical challenges. What changes, exactly, will commuters notice the most?

The old station, for instance, had been accessibly solely via stairways and escalators. The new station will include elevators from the street to the Green Line level and then from the Green Line level to the Blue Line level. There will also be new escalators and LED signage; a bigger area for fare collection; and more room for vendors on both the Green and Blue line platforms. Work on Government Center Station, too, includes reconstruction of portions of Cambridge Street and City Hall Plaza.

And! The new head house (rendered in the two images just above) is meant to serve as "a new landmark on City Hall Plaza," according to the MBTA, a striking, glassy feature in the otherwise largely drab expanse. The house has also been designed to facilitate views of the Old North Church from certain points, including from within the house itself. Commuters emerging from underground via escalators will likely see the church through the glass walls before ever exiting the station. Neat.

Government Center Station is scheduled to reopen on March 26, a Saturday. Stay tuned.
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[All photos, renderings via the MBTA; photos from December 2015]