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Eastie Studio Proves Redesigns Aren't Only for Pricey Places

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The architecture firm opened up the unused space above the bathroom with a cascading stairwell and its stainless-steel railing. A frosted panel of glass hid the newly formed office loft and another one was installed to separate the bedroom area from the rest of the apartment. ONY also added a copious amount of smooth, shiny bamboo. And voila! From boxy white to warmer brown, with space added to boot (not a small feat in a studio). The square footage of Unit 252 went from 750 to 900. Interested? The loft is not on the market, having last asked $2,500 a month in rent in early 2014, the year the renovation wrapped.
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[All photos courtesy of ONY architecture and Nima Yadollahpour]

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, East Boston, MA