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South End's Troy Boston Conducting Weeks of Random Apartment Inspections

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Luxury complex is trying to catch tenants smoking

Troy Boston, one of the biggest Boston apartment-building openings of 2015 and an integral part of the changes drenching the South End, told tenants in an email dated March 8 (Tuesday) that it would begin the following day to conduct random inspections of all of its 378 apartments. It seems someone(s) has been ignoring the thing in the lease about no smoking indoors. From the email:

Beginning Wednesday, March 9th through the end of the month TROY Boston's Maintenance team will be conducting random smoking inspections of every unit in both the Tower & Midrise. If you are not home at the time of the inspection, Maintenance will proceed to enter your home. Please let this email serve as your 24-hour notice.

As we understand it from the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline, some tenants are not pleased with the weeks-long inspections. They worry of sudden interruptions and intrusiveness. Still, it looks like Troy's management has tried other methods short of inspections to put out the fumes. From the same March 8 email:

TROY Boston is a smoke free community and any residents doing so are in serious violation of their lease contract. The friendly reminders to take any smoking off site have been ignore and additional action is forced to be taken.

We've reached out to the management, and will update this report.