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Davis Square's 63 College Avenue May Soon Set a Somerville Price Record

The sum to beat is $1.725M

The more than 3,300-square-foot, nine-room Queen Anne at 63 College Avenue in changing-forever Davis Square dropped off the Somerville sales market at the very end of 2015, having spent nearly three months asking $1,690,000. The house just reappeared at the same price and is apparently under contract.

Should it close a bit over its asking—and the possibility is not so far-fetched in the Boston region—63 College could set an all-time sales record for Somerville. The current champ is 32 Foskett Street, a 3,320-square-foot Colonial nearby. It went for $1,725,000 in late April, besting its asking price by $225,000 (see what we mean about the possibility not being so far-fetched?).

Of course, Unit 5 at 1 Summer Street is asking $2,950,000 for its 60-foot ceilings and two-story wine storage. Its sale could render moot any fireworks 63 College ignites. Stay tuned.