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Troy Boston Cancels Random Apartment Searches After Tenants Push Back

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Management will instead patrol the complex's common areas

On Thursday morning, we broke the news that Troy Boston, one of the biggest new Boston apartment complexes and a harbinger of the changes afoot in the northeast corner of the South End, was conducting weeks of random apartment searches. The reason? To catch a smoker or smokers brazenly lighting up in clear violation of the complex's lease terms.

Troy Boston's management never responded to our request for comment, but tenants emailed the always-discreet Curbed Boston Tipline to let us know that the development has nixed the searches. Instead, building staff will patrol the hallways and other common areas—and entreat tenants to say something if they smell something. From an emailed memo on Thursday:

In the event we feel an apartment inspection is necessary, we will be contacting the resident prior to conducting an inspection. We are asking for your assistance should you witness our smoking policies being violated or experience a smoke odor by contacting our team directly. ... At this time, scheduled inspections have been cancelled, and we hope the amount of attention drawn to this matter over the past few days will help prevent any future smoking violations.

By the way, if a tenant (or a guest of a tenant) absolutely has to smoke while at the apartment complex, Troy Boston requests they do it 25 feet from the building and its windows.

Troy Boston

55 Traveler St, Boston, MA 02118