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Unapologetically Parisian 23 Commonwealth Avenue Spread Back on the Market for Nearly $4M

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Had disappeared in November and took its pocket shutters with it

Unit 1 at 23 Commonwealth Avenue in Back Bay looks like something straight out of Paris circa the Belle Epoque (or one of those Parisian spreads done today to look exactly just so). The 3-BR, 3-BA has a kind of rustic look about it, and flourishes such as pocket shutters and serious millwork, especially where wall meets high ceiling.

The 2,133-square-foot spread is back on the market through Otis & Ahearn for $3,825,000 as of late last week. It had been on sale for a goodly chunk of 2015 for as much as $3,990,000; and disappeared just before Thanksgiving. Unit 1 last traded in November 1995 for $695,000 (a little over $1,000,000 in current dollars). Interestingly, the condo fee is a low, low $66. Plenty leftover for baguette.