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Constellation Wharf Triplex Compares Itself to a Luxury Yacht

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And it's hard to argue with

The Coldwell Banker listing for the 5,168-square-foot triplex that is Unit 49-50 at Constellation Wharf on the Charlestown waterfront just dropped and it's a beaut (as is the 14-room, view-tastic spread itself). We would go so far as to challenge other brokerages to top it in its unapologetic swagger.

To wit, the opening line: "If you like/need over 5000 sqft of home with 3 large floor-through levels leading to outdoor space on every level boasting impressive views of the ocean, seaport harbors, and the Boston downtown skyscrapers, this is your home." If.

Or: "[T]he Constellation Wharf is just close enough to the hustle and bustle of the city when you need it and the privacy of that which resembles living on a yacht." The 4-BR spread really does look like some kind of swanky sea-going vessel planted on terra firma, outlandishly flashy in parts (check out two of the six bathrooms) and yet elegantly understated in others (see the elevated dining area).

Unit 49-50 is asking $3,999,000. That pencils out to just over $773 a square foot, a relative steal in this age of Boston mega-listage. Stay tuned.