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Boston Price Comparison: What $650,000 Buys Around the City

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Including in Fenway, Charlestown and the South End

In this latest go-round, we deep dive into what $650,000 commands in Boston circa March 2016. Turns out the magic number buys entry into a nice variety of condos. We start out in the North End, near the water, at 139 Fulton Street. There, Unit 4, an 825-square-foot 2-BR, 1-BA with a ton of exposed beam and brick, is asking $650,000 even. Its condo fee is $284 a rather sizable $3,408.


Now to where South Boston meets Dorchester and 152 Old Colony Avenue. Unit 9 there is also asking $650,000 even, and it comes with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The 1,145-square-footer includes two garaged parking spaces. Its condo fee is $306.


Unit 5 at 31 Queensberry Street in Fenway is a duplex unfolding over 1,067 square feet and including three bedrooms and two bathrooms. It's asking $649,900 and the condo fee is a low, low $43.


In Charlestown, bang on the Somerville border, Unit 2 at 15 Parker Street also wants $649,900. It's a 4-BR, 2-BA over 1,838 square feet, and includes one deeded, off-street parking space. The condo fee is $176.


We end in the South End, at 77 Waltham Street. Unit 2 there is a 1-BR, 2-BA over 780 square feet and coming with a price tag of $649,000 and a condo fee of $256.