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Ashmont Shingle a Snapshot of Dot Architecture in the Late 19th Century

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Native son Edwin J. Lewis designed it

Edwin J. Lewis designed the 3,172-square-foot Shingle-style house at 296 Ashmont Street in Dorchester's Ashmont area in the late 1880s. Lewis himself was a Dot native and did a lot of work in the neighborhood, divining grand Victorians as well as more utilitarian fair such as stables.

This particular creation retains much of the charm imbued by Lewis' design, starting with that Shingle exterior and ending with touches such as pocket doors and the half-moon seating alcove off the dining room. The 5-BR, 2.5-BA is new to the market through Gibson Sotheby's and wants $905,000. It last sold way back in September 1994 for $144,000.