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Cambridge Triplex Buyers Wrote Their Winning Offer So It Ended in Pi

Yes, the condo is near M.I.T.

When one first beholds the Feb. 29 closing price for Unit 1 at 271 Washington Street, a triplex condo in Cambridge, one thinks nothing of it, really: $1,103,141.59—just another titanic tag, however exact, in a city full of pricey housing amid tight supply and constant demand.

Then one notices something, something ... familiar about the sum's terminating digits ... 3,141.59. Yup, pi, that Greek symbol that mathematicians use to represent the never-ending ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter (according to Wikipedia).

The buyers of the 3-BR, 2.5-BA 1,943-square-footer constructed their offer specifically so it ended in the first six digits of pi, according to listing broker Lara Gordon. The condo, which Gordon originally listed for $975,000 in late January, is near M.I.T. and the sellers worked in the technology sector. There were nine offers on the spread, and whether the pi ending was the decisive factor for the winning bid is unknown. According to Gordon, the sellers did find it pretty cool.