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South End Penthouse Comes With 12-Person Hot Tub, 'Secret Garden'

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10-room spread wants nearly $6.5M

The newly listed penthouse at 1280 Washington Street in the go-go South End runs to more than 5,400 square feet inside, with four bedrooms and a formal dining room among its 10 rooms total.

Then! One can head upstairs to the private roof deck, which itself runs to around 2,500 square feet and comes with a hot tub that seats 12 and what the Coldwell Banker listing calls a "secret garden." By the look of things, the roof is, indeed, lushly done, the sort of expanse that will come in mighty handy in a few weeks, when the weather turns (and stays) really warm

The penthouse also comes with two garaged parking spaces and direct elevator access. Its tag? $6,495,000, which seems like a relative bargain in today's Boston luxury market.