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What Jamaica Plain Condos Cost Right Now

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Neighborhood's pricier numbers outpace Boston as a whole

It's no surprise that Jamaica Plain has one of the more variegated condo markets in Boston pricing-wise. The busy, busy neighborhood is one of the city's biggest by area, with several distinct enclaves within its borders.

New stats from real estate research site NeighborhoodX spells out that variety in JP condo pricing pretty clearly. The site analyzed market-rate condos currently on the market, and found that the average price is $451 a square foot.

But! The range of listings used to calculate that average runs from $303 a square foot on the less expensive end to $620 on the higher-end. That range could actually represent a narrowing, too, from a few months ago. Since mid-2015, several JP condo sales have closed for under $300 a square foot, particularly at 111 Perkins Street, and a number have closed in the mid-$600,000s or greater.

Also, we would hasten to add that Jamaica Plain's higher-end prices are comparable, if not pricier, than overall ones in places such as Cambridge and Somerville, never mind Boston as a whole. The number of places to find deals in the city is dwindling. Move to the beach, maybe?