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Millennium Place Penthouse Back on the Market at Steep Discount

Hot-tub-crowned spread wants well under $5M now

Before the cloud-busting ascent of its similarly named Downtown Crossing neighbor, Millennium Place was in 2013 the new condo development in all of Boston. The 256-unit project was a veritable country club inside the city, all set to redefine the parameters of luxury real estate here, much as the Ritz Carlton did 15 or so years ago. Then came Millennium Tower.

Oh well. A reminder of Millennium Place's former grandeur arrives via re-listing of Penthouse B. The 2,313-square-foot spread with a rooftop solarium and terrace (and hot tub) first dropped in August 2015 for $5,099,000; and then its price quickly slid to $4,900,000, before the listing disappeared from the market 'round about late September.

It returned in January for $4,700,000 and then apparently disappeared again. Penthouse B is back as of the end of last week through Bushari Group Real Estate and asking a mere $4,599,000. Go?