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What Kendall Square Condos Cost Now

Fast-changing area sports average of $617 a square foot

'Tis fewer game-change-ier areas in Greater Boston than Cambridge's Kendall Square. Developments such as M.I.T.'s six-building Kendall Square Initiative and the 88 Ames Street tower are adding hundreds of housing units and potentially thousands of residents, never mind new retail and public spaces.

Already, the area is pretty in-demand, as its market-rate condo prices evidence. Real estate research site NeighborhoodX analyzed said prices for the last six months. The average of listing and closing prices in Kendall Square during that time period was $617 per square foot. Compared with prices in Cambridge (and Somerville, for that matter) in 2015, that's rather high.

The range that produced this average, though, varied from $431 a square foot at the lower end for a condo on Boardman Street to $896 at the higher end for a unit on Third Street.