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For Somerville's 63 College Avenue, Close But No Cigar

Grand Queen Anne listed for $1.69M fails to set city price record

The more than 3,300-square-foot, nine-room Queen Anne at 63 College Avenue in Somerville's changing-forever Davis Square spent three months on the market last year asking $1,690,000. The house then disappeared for a bit, and reappeared in early March at the same price, only to go under contract almost immediately.

Given its asking tag, it was entirely within the realm of possibility that 63 College would set a new Somerville sales record. The current champ was 32 Foskett Street, a 3,320-square-foot Colonial nearby, which went for $1,725,000 in late April 2015, besting its asking price by $225,000 (see what we mean about realm of possibility?).

Well. It didn't quite happen that way: 63 College went in the end of its exact asking price of $1,690,000 in a deal that just closed. That sum appears to make it the second-most-expensive home ever sold in Somerville. Silver ain't bad.

Besides, Unit 5 at 1 Summer Street is asking $2,450,000 (down from $2.95M) for its 60-foot ceilings and two-story wine storage. Thunder, meet your thief.