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General Electric's Boston Headquarters Will Not Have a Parking Garage

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Radical, right?

Sign outside GE's Fairfield, Conn., headquarters
GE HQ in Fairfield. The Boston sign will presumably be much bigger.
AP Photo/Michael Melia, File/2016

Of all the details that seeped out on Thursday re: the relocation of General Electric's corporate headquarters to Boston from Fairfield, Conn., one in particular jumped out at us. (Well, we were also curious as to where exactly the company was moving to within Boston, and executives answered that: to a 2.5-acre site between A Street and the Fort Point Channel in the similarly named neighborhood.)

The three-building headquarters will possess various features: public space, including on the ground floors of all three buildings; a big, bright sign that will be visible from downtown Boston; a campus-like feel for the approximately 800 employees who will work there.

One thing it will not have? A parking garage. Per Jon Chesto and Tim Logan in the Globe: "There isn’t enough room and the company wants to encourage public transit use." Some in Boston consider the absence of voluminous amounts of parking at a new development positively Marxist. So a tip of the hat to GE for at least the novelty of the approach.

The company's helipad idea, by the way, that's still on.

GE Headquarters

A St & Necco Ct, Boston, MA 02210, USA