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Boston's Smallest Condos: What They're Asking Right Now

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Reminder that smaller doesn't equal cheaper

Remember when micro-apartments were going to be the biggest Boston real estate trend of the early 21st century, the salve for the city's absurdly expensive housing market, and the game-changer re: attracting (and retaining) young people? No? Well, they were.

And, to explain them, analysts, public officials, and journalists often cited those existing Boston apartments and condos that were on the small side. In doing so, they inadvertently (and sometimes intentionally) exposed the fatal flaw in micro-units as city savior: their prices. Smaller did not necessarily mean cheaper.

The latest chart from real estate research site NeighborhoodX reminds us of that reality. It shows many of the smallest Boston-area condos currently up for sale at market rates. They range in size from 308 square feet to 410, larger than a typical parking space, but by no means that spacious.

Price-wise, they run from $93,000 for a 400-square-foot condo in Roxbury to $449,000 for a 350-square-foot one in Beacon Hill.