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Billowing 150 Seaport Boulevard Adds Condos, Square Footage

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New renderings out, too

We've known for a while about plans to plunk a glassy tower (what other kind of Boston tower is there?) at the site of the Whiskey Priest and the Atlantic Beer Garden in the go-go Seaport District. Recall that the tower, dubbed 150 Seaport Boulevard, was originally supposed to contain 110 condos and run to about 275,000 square feet.

According to new plans filed with the city (plans that include these new renderings), 150 Seaport is now slated to have 124 condos and its square footage has swelled by about 8,000, with 273,000 square feet set aside for the condos. The tower's proposed height remains at 250 feet and 22 floors.

Don't worry: the billowy-sail design by architects about town Elkus Manfredi remains.