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South End Condos Right Now: Even the Priciest Are Cheaper Than in Back Bay

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Average asking tag now $875 a square foot

There are fewer neighborhoods in the Greater Boston region changing faster and forevermore-er than the South End. Could there be a better time, then, to deep dive into what condos go for in the bustling enclave?

Real estate research site NeighborhoodX has done just that, charting market-rate condos currently on the market in the South End. The average asking price for these listings is $875 a square foot. The range of prices, however, runs from $512 to $1,190 a square foot.

Finally, NeighborhoodX's Constantine Valhouli provides some context vis-a-vis other larger Boston nabes: "The higher end of the South End market is still more affordable than the average property offered in Back Bay ($1,396 a square foot), while the least expensive property on a per-square-foot basis is priced just below the most expensive property listed in Dorchester last month ($517 a square foot)."