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Sudbury Estate Shoots for Venetian-Villa Vibe, Scores

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Inspired by Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

Out in Sudbury, the 8,746-square-foot, 2.73-acre estate at 59 Widow Rites Lane has been on the market two weeks shy of a full year. The 19-room spread was designed to mimic the architecture of Boston's Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum—that is, a kind of 15th-century, Venetian ambiance and look.

Flourishes such as the kitchen's terracotta tiles from France and the wood-burning pizza oven from Italy, not to mention the outside fountains, vaulted arches, and marble mosaics, contribute to that vibe. There's also a wine cellar that can hold at least 1,000 bottles and a three-car garage.

The whole shebang is asking $2,999,900 through Gibson Sotheby's. It had been asking as much as $3,200,000.