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Back Bay Condo Prices Roam a Surprisingly Wide Range

Average asking now is under $1,400 a square foot

'Tis understandably assumed that Back Bay prices are monolithic in their monstrous massiveness. They are not, as the neighborhood is not all uber-expensive Victorians and super-posh renovations. There are a fair number of older, though no less elegant, condos throughout, admittedly many usually away from the more exclusive Comm. Ave. corridor.

The below chart from research site NeighborhoodX evidences this pricing diversity. It charts asking prices in March at active market-rate listings. Sure, there's the $3,106 a square foot that Unit 1205/1209 is asking at the Four Seasons Boston (aggregate price: $10,250,000). But there's also the $796 that Unit 10 at 405 Marlborough Street wants (total tag: $732,500).

It's all relative, of course. Many, if not all, of Back Bay's prices would be considered brazenly astronomical in most other parts of the city. Within the neighborhood's hermetically sealed reality, though, there is diversity.