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Boston Rent Comparison: What You Get for $3,000 a Month Right Now

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Including in Roxbury, the South End, and Southie

In the ever-pricey Boston apartment market circa April 2016, $3,000 a month can stretch all the way to at least a 3-BR in a well-maintained building. It can also shrink to a 1-BR in a similar building, depending on the location. And! It looks like it all but guarantees an in-unit washer/dryer (buh-bye, quarter-roll runs).

Our latest Curbed Comparisons deep dives into the magic number's leasing power, starting in Southie.

There, Unit 1 at 345 West Fourth Street offers two bedrooms, one and half bathrooms, and 1,185 square feet total, plus in-unit W/D and central air. Also, it's no-fee. How's about that?


In-unit W/D also comes with Unit A at 122 Chandler Street in the South End, as does an enclosed patio that leads right to the street (the 1-BR, 1-BA, 686-square-foot spread is garden-level). The rent also includes a grill on said patio.


Out in Fenway, Unit 17 at 74 Fenway comes with one bedroom and one and a half bathrooms over 910 square feet. No in-unit laundry, though.


Back in Southie now: Unit 3 at 823 East Sixth Street is a 1,005-square-foot 2-BR, 2-BA with W/D and one parking space.


We end in Roxbury, in a converted firehouse(!). Unit 3 at 407 Dudley Street is a 4-BR, 3-BA spread over 1,229 square feet and including in-unit W/D and central air. Parking is also available for rent for an extra undisclosed amount.