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Chestnut Hill Stone Tudor Comes With Its Own Heraldry, $3.25M Price Tag

And bones from the 1920s

The 5,705-square-foot stone Tudor at 21 Malia Terrace in the Newton part of Chestnut Hill looks like it was plucked out of the English Cotswolds and plunked here just for eye candy.

It comes with intricate scrolled iron work, a living room dimensionally fit for a wedding reception, a massive stone fireplace in that living room, and even random heraldry stamped into said fireplace, as if it the whole shebang were a manor house high above a cowering village. The kitchen does look incongruously recent, but the rest of 21 Malia harkens easily back to its architectural style and to its 1920s roots.

The house and its surrounding half-acre-plus are asking $3,250,000, about right for luxury Newton. That is down, though, from its original listing price of $3,488,000. Twenty-one Malia last traded for $1,050,000 way back in August 1994. That's about $1.66M in today's dollars. Stay tuned.