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Boston transportation hubs drawing some of the city's biggest developments

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Including one of New England's tallest new towers

'Tis an open secret that Boston is undergoing a historic building boom, whether it be apartments, hotels, condos, even dorms. One of the little-noted facets of this development (until the Globe's Tim Logan noticed it) is that some of the biggest projects are happening atop and around some of the city's biggest transportation hubs. To wit:

Developer Boston Properties is looking to build three towers of 26, 28, and 34 stories above Back Bay Station, with the shortest one for offices and the others for approximately 600 residences. The square-footage would total some 1,260,000 square feet; and would include new floors above the station's current concourse for retail such as a grocery store.


Over by North Station, TD Garden owner and Boston Properties (again) are building the Hub on Causeway, a ginormous project at the old Boston Garden site along Causeway Street in the West End/North End borderlands. It's due to have more than 1,500,000 square feet of shops, restaurants, offices, hotel rooms, and residences, as well as an expansion of the arena and transit improvements to North Station.


Finally, a proposal for one of the city's biggest new towers (in a Boston full of big new towers) appears to finally be moving forward at South Station. There, developer Hines is planning a two-tower project, including one reaching to 677 feet. The buildings would be a mix of offices, residences (probably condos), and hotel rooms.