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Arlington Street Triplex Asking $8.5M Features Boston's Ultimate Reading Nook

Also a private elevator and a dumbwaiter to the garage

The 3,804-square-foot, 10-room triplex at 9 Arlington Street just off the Public Garden has hit the market like a streak of lightning: $8,499,000.

The spread certainly looks like it's worth every penny. There are four bedrooms and two full bathrooms; a walk-in closet with a marble-topped dressing island off the main bedroom, which also includes a gas fireplace; a mahogany-paneled library with a supremely perfect reading nook; and a private elevator to each floor, never mind a dumbwaiter to the two garaged parking spaces.

And yet: The price pencils out to $2,234 and change a square foot. That's a sizable sum, even in Back Bay (though it's by no means astronomical). The triplex last sold in March 2002 for $3,956,262. Luxury Residential Group has the listing. Stay tuned.