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Beacon Hill Brownstone Could Easily Be Massachusetts' Governor's Mansion

It's right around the corner from the State House, for one thing

Massachusetts is famously one of only a few states without a Governor's Mansion. There have been myriad attempts to ensconce the commonwealth's chief executive (and his/her family) in a particular address, but all have come to naught, usually because of budgetary concerns (or, more to the point, fear of appearing not to really have any concerns for budgets).

Well! Check out 60 Temple Street. The 2,400-square-foot brownstone dating from 1899 just hit the sales market and is conveniently located right around the corner from the Massachusetts State House. The 4-BR, 4-BA is not particularly ostentatious (though it is charming), so maybe the state's acquisition of it will not set off pearl-clutching re: the expense.

And, as for that expense, 60 Temple is asking a relatively low $2,050,000. What say you, Mr. Baker?