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Big Reveal: the East Somerville 1-BR Near a Future Green Line Stop

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Most readers missed this one

Address: 70 Pearl Street, #2

Price: $319,000

The Skinny: The vast majority of voters in our latest PriceSpotter got this one wrong. Only 12.77 percent, in fact, guessed the correct asking for this 1-BR, 1-BA that touts itself as close to the future Washington Street stop on the soon-to-be-extended (hopefully) Green Line.

The biggest vote-getter, with nearly 25 percent of the share, was $499,000, followed closely by $409,000 with 24 percent. A further 22 percent and change selected $559,000. Hey, transit proximity has a certain allure. Better luck next time.

Oh, and one more thing: There is a deal pending for this condo. Stay tuned.