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Winthrop Square Garage Redevelopment: the Latest Details and Renderings

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Six development teams have put forth six ginormous plans

As expected, big names with big ideas are hustling to redevelop the city-owned Winthrop Square Garage in Boston's Financial District. Six development teams formally put forth proposals that became public Thursday. Each of them is massive in scope for Boston, and some would produce one of the tallest towers in New England.

All six proposals include a hefty residential component as well as offices. All, too, include civic-minded sweeteners meant to draw support, whether it's a commitment to affordable housing (within the development or elsewhere in Boston) or grand public spaces. One proposal even includes a one-year T pass for every condo buyer and another has committed to building a public school in downtown Boston.

There are months of meetings, hearings, etc., ahead and construction on the winning idea would likely not start until 2017 at the earliest. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile, here are the details on the six proposals with the latest available renderings, via the Boston Redevelopment Authority website and the developers:

Trinity Financial would build a tower of up to 725 feet with 231 hotel rooms on the lower floors; 349 apartments above that; and then 296 condos spread throughout. There would also be a full floor of amenities and one parking space for each condo.


Trans National does not go into specifics on height nor unit totals, but its proposed complex would run to 1,715,000 square feet over two towers, with another 250,000 below ground. Residences, including condos, would comprise 915,000 square feet of that above-ground sum, with offices the next biggest chunk at 530,000 square. There would also be a hotel.


HYM's proposal would include a 725-foot tower with 239 condos; 285 apartments; 50 co-living apartments meant to be much more affordable than market-rate ones; retail; a public theater; and up to 350 parking spaces underground. HYM would also relocate and rebuild the St. Anthony Shrine & Ministry Center to make way for the tower.


A team that Lendlease Development leads would build a similarly tall tower with 61 floors. The first 10 stories would be offices, with work-sharing pioneer WeWork possibly anchoring the space. The remaining 51 floors would include 315 apartments and 221 condos.


Millennium Partners would build yet another 725-foot tower (and, bear in mind, this one, like the others, would include dozens of additional feet of mechanical apparatus and antennas). Thirty-eight floors would be given over to condos and perhaps apartments, the makeup isn't clear. At least 14 floors would be offices, and then retail.


Finally, a proposal from a team led by Accordia Partners would built a 725-foot tower with 280 hotel rooms, 185 condos, 34,000 square feet of civic and community space, and 2,600 square feet of retail as well as 385 parking spaces.