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Cambridge's Most Expensive Listing Is a Rarely Traded 975 Memorial 3-BR

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It's asking $2,700-plus a square foot

It's rare we get a deep peek into one of Cambridge's swankier addresses, 975 Memorial Drive in Harvard Square. Unit 1105 provides such a glimpse.

The 2,170-square-foot spread has itself only traded twice in the last 20 years: in July 1997 for $1,800,000 and January 2011 for $3,450,000. The 3-BR, 3.5-BA in the full-service building wants an even $6,000,000 through Hammond Real Estate this go-round (that's more than $2,700 a square foot).

That makes Unit 1105 far and away the most expensive listing on the Cambridge market right now, well ahead of No. 2, 44 Walker Street.